Policies & Procedures


You have one (1) year to complete the program in its entirety. In order to receive a certificate of completion for the course, you will have to complete all necessary coursework (Part A and Part B), a course project and successfully pass the comprehensive final exam (not the licensing exam) with a score of 75% or better (three attempts allowed). For a checklist, click here.

Once you've registered, you may begin the online portion at that time. The course does not need to be purchased in any particular order, however, it is recommended that you complete Part A prior to starting Part B. Both can be purchased at the same time.

Please Note: A criminal conviction may prevent an applicant from qualifying for licensure under KRS 324.045. Per Kentucky law, students are not allowed to complete more than 9 hours of Pre-Licensing coursework per day. It's the students responsibility to track their hours. Please contact KRI with any questions.

Course Cancellation Policy

If you drop out of the course within 30 days, you will receive a refund of 75% of registration fees paid at that time and will have to pay the full amount to re-register for the course. The refund will only be available if you did not complete the course. This policy does not include students taking Part B for license recognition as that would be under the online course policies. You are required to mail the textbook. The return information as well as the address is below. Beyond 30 days, no refund is available (please keep in mind you will have 12 months to complete the course).

The box the materials are returned in must be postmarked within 90 days of receipt of the order. Please return the materials, along with the packing slip and/or a copy of the original invoice to:

RECampus Returns
C/O LSC Communications
1433 Pleasant Valley Road
Harrisonburg, VA 22801 


To review classroom policy and procedures, click here.
To review webinar policy and procedures, click here.
To review webinar student requirements, click here.

Course Cancellation Policy

If a student cancels his/her registration, a refund will be given minus a cancellation fee. If a student cancels his/her registration less than 1 business day before class, there will be no refund.

Early Bird Cancellation Fees: Up to 2 weeks prior to course
Regular Cancellation Fees: Less than 2 weeks prior to course

Early Bird Cancellation Fees: $15 per 1/2 day CE course, $30 per full day CE/CORE course and $60 per GRI course.
Regular Cancellation Fees: $20 per 1/2 day CE course, $40 per full day CE/CORE course and $80 per GRI course.

The GRI Bootcamp cancellation policy varies and is listed on registration page. For webinar classes, course transfers are not allowed. Although, transferring from the same day classroom course to a webinar and vice versa will be allowed if space is available. Additionally, a minimum notice of 4 business days is required, an additional $25.00 transfer fee per course, plus the difference in the cost of the course at the time of the transfer. Cancellation fees for other designation/specialty courses will be assessed on an individual basis. Registrations are NOT Transferable. It is the responsibility of the student to notify KRI, in writing, of the cancellation. If a student is a “no show” on the day of class and does not provide prior written notification to KRI, he/she will NOT be eligible for any refund.

We reserve the right to change classes and/or instructors when necessary. We reserve the right to cancel courses. If the course is cancelled, you will be notified and you may then transfer to another course.


Online Courses

All online courses provides access to the course for one year from the date of purchase. Your completion date of the course determines the year the credit will be issued.You may review any portion of the course you have completed within your 1 year timeframe – even after you have received your certificate of completion. The course will be available to you throughout your 1 year time-frame.

To be in compliance with KREC, within the online course you will be required to complete an affidavit, take an online final exam and complete the survey at the end of the course.

Course Cancellation Policy

If you drop out of the course within 7 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund. If more than ½ of the course was completed a refund will not be granted. After 7 days, no refund is available.